Promotions & Rewards

Email Coupons:

When you subscribe to our mailing list, you will begin to receive special offers and promotions. All email coupons are one-time use and are redeemable online only. 

  • One time use
  • Exclusions apply
  • Online only

Flow Credits:

When you place an order with Madison's Niche, you may receive a promotional online credit in a fixed amount to redeem towards a future online purchase with us. These credits WILL EXPIRE and their dates are indicated accordingly. Once a credit has reached its date of expiration, it becomes unusable. Credits may be redeemed online only, exclusions apply. Credits are considered discount codes and cannot be coupled with other discount codes or sale items.

  • Expires on indicated date
  • One time use
  • Exclusions apply
  • Online only
  • Null/void if order is canceled/items are returned
  • Cannot be redeemed with other discounts

When you spend...

$100 receive a $10 online credit

$200 receive a $20 online credit

$300 receive a $30 online credit

$500 receive a $50 online credit

Birthday Discount:

When you subscribe to our birthday mailing list, during the month of your birthday you will receive a one-time use birthday discount. This can be redeemed on your entire purchase of qualifying items in-store and online. Must present discount code or valid form of ID to cashier to redeem. Must be a Loyalty Customer or sign up.

  • Expires at the end of the month
  • One time use
  • Exclusions apply
  • In-store & online

Free Gift with purchase Promotion:

A free gift will be offered with a purchase of a set minimum (before tax + shipping) during a specified time frame. Promotion null/void upon the return of qualifying order. Free gift must be returned in order to be granted full refund. Value of free gift will be deducted from refund if they are not sent back with return item(s).

In-Store Customer Loyalty:

When you sign up for our in-store Customer Loyalty program, you unlock access to all of our promotions and will also start to accrue "points" that will translate to dollars off a future transaction.

These rewards points cannot be used online, as our two interfaces are not compatible. Rewards points may be redeemed at any of our brick-and-mortar boutique locations.

Rewards points do not expire.