LAFCO Hand Wash Lafco Chamomile Lavender Liquid Soap

LAFCO Chamomile Lavender Liquid Soap

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LAFCO Chamomile Lavender Liquid Soap

Everyday clean with lasting fragrance. The LAFCO Chamomile Lavender Liquid Soap, a hand soap with olive oil, supports soft skin by hydrating and repairing dryness. Lavender handsoap with chamomile notes, revel in luxurious scents. Inspire a pleasant day with a subtle scent and a nourishing soap formula to start or end it on an aromatically clean note. 

Chamomile Lavender: On the nightstand a sprig of lavender melds beautifully with warm and enveloping bergamot. Calming chamomile melts into a heart of eucalyptus to create a feeling of well-being. Smoky patchouli is enhanced by hints of sage and rosemary for a quiet, relaxing finish.
  • 12 oz Liquid Soap
  • Made in Italy
  • Natural ingredients
  • Suitable as hand soap, face soap, shower gel 

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