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Frasier Fir Tree & Room Spray - Madison&

Frasier Fir Tree & Room Spray

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Frasier Fir Tree & Room Spray

Introducing the Frasier Fir Tree & Room Spray, your secret weapon for infusing the refreshing fragrance of the great outdoors into every corner of your home, especially during the magical holiday season.

This beautifully scented spray is more than just a fragrance enhancer; it's a festive essential designed to elevate your surroundings. With its captivating scent profile, which perfectly mirrors the iconic Frasier Fir fragrance, it's your go-to solution for creating an atmosphere that evokes memories of evergreen forests and joyful celebrations.

Whether you have a beloved artificial tree or simply wish to imbue your living spaces with the enchanting aroma of the holidays, the Frasier Fir Tree & Room Spray delivers. Just a few spritzes are all it takes to instantly transform your home into a winter wonderland, where the crisp Siberian fir needles, heartening cedarwood, and soothing sandalwood notes dance through the air.

This versatile spray is your passport to an immersive holiday experience. Use it to refresh your artificial tree, infusing it with the authentic scent of a real evergreen. Or, bring the outdoors inside by misting it throughout your rooms, enveloping your space with the essence of holiday cheer.

- Siberian fir
- Cedarwood
- Sandalwood

To use this luxury room spray, simply take off the lid and spritz the fragrance into the air to scent your home

- 3.75fl oz./110ml

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