Ginger Patchouli Wooden Candle Tray

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In Between Heaven and Earth with the Ginger Patchouli Wooden Candle Tray 

It's an ordinary day until you light your Ginger Patchouli Wooden Candle Tray and fold yourself into its earthy embrace. With fragrant candles smelling of sandalwood and patchouli, aromatic ginger and musk, remember your evenings warmly, cozily, and fondly. These are the perfect comfort candles to set your mood, your worries now out of the woods. 

Ginger Patchouli: Spicy ginger, grapefruit, earthy patchouli, musk & sandalwood

40 oz. Candle | 4 wicks

Dimensions: 23" x 4"

Made in the USA 

Details: Solid hand-hewn mango wood candle tray features metal strip for wicks.


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