Chamomile Lavender Liquid Soap - Madison&
Chamomile Lavender Liquid Soap - Madison&
Chamomile Lavender Liquid Soap - Madison&

Chamomile Lavender Liquid Soap

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Chamomile Lavender Liquid Soap

Everyday clean with lasting fragrance. The Chamomile Lavender Liquid Soap, a hand soap with olive oil, supports soft skin by hydrating and repairing dryness. Lavender hand soap with chamomile notes, revel in luxurious scents. Inspire a pleasant day with a subtle scent and a nourishing soap formula to start or end it on an aromatically clean note.

Fragrance Family:


Fragrance Notes:


Top notes are the first impression of a fragrance. Bergamot Chamomile


Middle notes are the heart the of fragrance. Lavender Eucalyptus


Bottom notes are the final and lasting impression. Rosemary Patchouli Indonesia MD Honey Flower

12 oz Liquid Soap
Made in Italy
Natural ingredients
Suitable as hand soap, face soap, shower gel 

Optimal Experience
- Pump the liquid soap into your palm and gently rub it in.
- A dime-sized amount of liquid soap is enough to wash both hands.
- Our liquid soaps are designed to be used anywhere on the body, including your face. No matter where you use them, they always leave your skin with a subtle yet lasting fragrance.
- Bubbles don't always mean clean. In fact, most of the time bubbles are formed from the synthetic materials added to liquid soaps.
- Our liquid soap contains omega fatty acids that are good for your skin and can help to combat dry irritated skin and conditions like eczema. Our soaps natural olive oil base makes it less viscous than other soaps.

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