Cap, Gown, and Dress: Graduation 2022 Style!

Cue the pomp and circumstance! All those years of working hard have culminated to this moment. Walk the walk, decorated with your stoles and cords, while looking your best with your diploma or certification in hand. Look beautifully elegant and put together on your big day, the day that marks the next chapter in your life. 

Sophistication on Stage

Look radiant and professional, ready to join the workforce and looking the part in your new start. Alluring but well-put-together, with these clean cuts and silhouettes, you're the picture of elegance as you walk across the stage. Let your boss energy shine through your poise and style. These solid colors lend versatility and convenience for effortless elegance, especially when you're trying to figure out how to accessorize. Remember to straighten your shoulders and to walk heel-to-toe in your best heels to truly live up to your sophisticated standards. 

Isler Romper, white romper
Harlow Mini Dress, black mini dress
Whisper Ruffle V-Neck Dress, white ruffle dress

Pomp and Circumstance in Pretty Print

Where there's pomp and circumstance playing, print is the way to go! Match the excitement and energy of being a grad by wearing unique but tasteful prints. Perfectly seasonal, these floral print mini dresses are warm-weather, grad-season ready all the while looking trendy in their details, from the unique sleeves to the fit. Flatter yourself in the flowery nature of spring all the while staying true to your love for patterns. Hopefully, this grad season marks a pattern for the start of your success!

print mini dress

Aura Ditsy Puff Sleeve Dress, puff sleeve print dress

A Bold and Playful Start

You are personable, expressive, and playful by nature. Graduation is the time for you to shine and show your loved ones, and most importantly yourself, how you stay true to yourself throughout your journey! Bright colors, like the Edith Mini's pink, helps you make your mark as a pink lover. A sweet, but playful all the same take is the Sicily Dress' sweetheart neckline and pink and white pattern allover a babydoll silhouette, a truly feminine and fun take on your special day. Or sometimes owning your personality isn't a matter of pulling up to the stage in a bold color– the devil is in the details–and the  Russo and Candia Dress are perfect examples of patterns and silhouettes that work together to make a youthfully fashionable graduation dress choice. 

Edith Mini Sleeveless bright pink dress

Russo Dress white square neckline dress
Sicily Dress, pink babydoll dress
Candia Dress, white puff sleeve dress

The Classic White Dress, But Better

After much consideration (or university/school requirements), you decide on going for the classic white dress. But who says you can't make it your own? Make a classic, traditional take on the white dress full of the thrills and frills you feel on your special day. With romantic details, silhouettes, and ruffles, elevate a long-lived tradition of wearing white to graduation with charming details that help you stand out and make you feel comfortable in your style. From sweeping lengths and tiers like the St. Lucia's Dress to a simpler but adorable textured fabrication in the Violet Mini Dress, find your unique niche while sticking to the classics with this selection.

Violet Mini Dress, white puff sleeve mini dress

Gaston dress, white strapless dress
St. Lucia Dress, maxi white dress
Natasha Dress, white mini dress
Fuller Dress

Of course, with all of these beautiful dresses, don't forget to pair them with shoes and jewelry that complements your graduation look! After you've done that, congratulations on the achievement of everything you've accomplished–including picking the greatest grad outfit ever to match the energy of the occasion!  

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