Coffee Table Styling


When curating the perfect home that speaks to your aesthetic and the idea of coziness, you’re looking for a way to show it off in the best way. After finding a befitting coffee table, all that’s left is to take the next step to personalize and decorate it according to your tastes and vision. With all the styling potential and power to elevate your living room, your coffee table is the most versatile place where that process all begins. Evoke and emanate your inner aesthetic in your home as you work through the finishing, decorative touches of your home’s staple piece. To inspire your styling process, we’ve put together some accessories and ideas to curate tasteful coffee table arrangements.  


Books: Well-Read and Well-Decorated 


Coffee Table Books
(From left to right): Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford,  AD 100 

A bold statement piece that speaks to your personality and taste is key, and what better way to achieve that through a book? Express your class and make a statement with book stacking or a solo book to capture your reading interests. Creating a stack of books on your coffee table with beautiful covers and spines is a classic designer trick to make an impact on your décor. Add character to your table with graphic and designer styles that suit any look you’re going for! These are well-known names that everyone will recognize on sight. Top-searched and top-purchased, these fashion coffee table books are aesthetically pleasing and luxurious by association and design. While being timeless and classic, Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, and Architecture's Digest 100 are phenomenal fashion and design cultural icons that your home will thank you for by association and decoration. Place a decorative art piece on top of your book stack for added sophistication for even more style.

Cheers to Relaxation and Unwinding 

Coffee Table Wine Glass and Decanter

Bottom's up! Out in the open, it's your home, your drinking rules. From a bottle of French wine to Scotch, What better way to relax than on the couch sipping a glass of wine with your feet propped up on your coffee table in style! Feel truly relaxed and at home with refined, lightweight wine glasses and decanters for your weekend evening needs. Add a gorgeous pop of color to your coffee table with their blush and brown tones, creating the perfect detail you need to spice it up.
-These 3x3 size glasses will hold 12 oz of fluid and will bring class and cohesion to your space. Place them on top of a tray or placemat to give a little more dimension, truly tying your coffee table bar off in the best way. 

A Floral and Scent Arrangement

Gardenia Candle

The Gardenia Candle

Add a fresh ambiance in a naturally gorgeous way. Permeate your home with floral scents bound to transform your space into a spa-like sanctuary. With this Gardenia Candle, bask in the blossoming spring and summer weather ahead. A floral fragrance that encapsulates beautiful glass container decoration and a captivating, garden, earthy green scent with a 250 hour burn time that lasts. This provides a cozy environment that can be made even more inviting when on display from your coffee table. Place on top of book stacks when unlit or on a decorative plate. 

Cane Wrapped Vase

Displaying lovely floral arrangements for everyone to appreciate. With the Cane Wrapped Glass Vase, let your flowers and floral decor bring happiness in any space, fostering an environment for quality time and conversations. This brown vase brings in a sleek and simple style with these different textures and heights to your living room. Add depth and dimension with layering by mixing and matching, placing a short decorative object in front of this vase for a designer effect.


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