New York Fashion Week SS24 Recap: The Trends You Need to Know

Top Trends Fresh Off the Runway from NYFW SS24

This week, the fashion world converged on the Big Apple for the highly anticipated New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024. With designers, models, and fashion enthusiasts alike gathering to celebrate creativity, innovation, and style, this year's runway shows unveiled a stunning array of trends set to shape our wardrobes in the seasons to come. Here, we dive into some of the standout trends that emerged from the heart of the fashion capital.

1. Sheer Brilliance: A Play of Transparency

In a testament to the power of subtlety and allure, sheer fabrics took center stage at NYFW SS24. Designers artfully played with transparency, incorporating sheer pieces and paneling that offered glimpses of skin in all the right places. The result? An ethereal and enchanting effect that felt simultaneously daring and delicate. Sheer clothing allowed for a sense of intrigue and sensuality, redefining modern elegance.

Designer: Coach

2. Red: A Bold and Confident Hue

In a striking shift from the ordinary, the color red commanded attention on the runway. Designers embraced this bold hue, incorporating it into various pieces of clothing, from dresses to jumpsuits and leather outerwear. Red, in all its shades, symbolized confidence, power, and unapologetic self-expression. It's a color that refuses to be ignored, making it the standout choice this season.

Designer: Dion Lee

3. Balletcore: Hyper-Femme Dreaminess

Drawing inspiration from the grace and elegance of ballet, the "balletcore" trend, also known as "coquette," made a resounding statement at NYFW SS24. Flowing tulle skirts, delicate lace, and soft pastel hues dominated the runway. This trend embodied a sense of hyper-femininity and whimsy, inviting us all to embrace dance-inspired silhouettes and fabrics to bring a dreamy quality to fashion.
Designer: Adeam

4. Colorblocking: Bold Strokes of Expression

In a world often dominated by neutrals, colorblocking emerged as a vibrant and attention-grabbing trend. Designers embraced contrasting hues, creating bold, graphic looks that demanded to be noticed. Whether it was striking color combinations in dresses or statement colorblocked accessories, this trend encouraged us to express ourselves through vivid and unexpected pairings.

Designer: Helmut Lang
5. Purple Reign: Celebrating Regal Hues
A star color trend of NYFW SS24 was the regal shade of purple, particularly in enchanting lavender. Designers across the board embraced various shades of purple, incorporating them into a wide range of garments. From elegant evening gowns to everyday streetwear, purple added a touch of sophistication and enchantment to the collections.

LaQuan Smith

New York Fashion Week SS24 was a breathtaking journey through the world of fashion, showcasing the creativity and innovation of designers who continue to push the boundaries of style. These trends - Sheer Brilliance, Balletcore (Coquette), Vintage-Inspired Corsets, and Colorblocking - offer a glimpse into the future of fashion, inviting us all to embrace the beauty of self-expression and creativity in our everyday wardrobes. As we bid farewell to the runway and eagerly await the arrival of these trends in stores, one thing is clear: our closets are in for a stunning transformation.

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