Our Top Trends for Spring 2022

Spring has sprung! With the emergence of a transitional season, where things lie between breezy and sunny, find out which trends speak to you and your weather situation. As you go about spring cleaning–out with the old, in with the new–leverage your new style with this carefully curated list! Take the time to experiment with different elements, while staying true to your fashion tastes. 

From bold and beautiful colors to fun silhouettes that flatter and make you feel free! There is a niche in these new trends that are waiting for you! 

For the trendy stylists or those feeling slightly behind the fashion curve, get ready to see what made our trend list and which ones did not. Let us know down below which trend you will be trying out this year! 

Bright and Bold

The avant-garde look of this generation is ever-so eye-catching and expressive. With nuances of Y2K, 90s nostalgia, and playful fashion, which have overtaken the street, everyday fashion scene. Some popular colors seen on the runway and on the street are shades of bright greens and brilliant pinks.

Long Sleeve Roma Dress
The Long Sleeve Roma Dress is a beautiful, fun-loving pick for special occasions.
Rosie Duo Pink bodysuit
The Rosie Duo Bodysuit in Pink Peacock is another pink pick that expresses your bold and glamorous style.
The Vineyard Crop Cardi is a grass green, trendy option for casual, everyday looks.

Pretty in Pastel 

Pastels are a fresh flower this spring! Bloom into the season with all the softness and sweetness pastels have to offer. 

Pastel pink sweater
With the Pastel It Over Sweater, bring on the breeziness of spring while matching its aesthetic in pastel striped apparel. 
Robbie Jacket
The Robbie Jacket
Wallace Pants
Thrive with a pastel power suit set this spring. The Robbie Jacket and Wallace Pants are an R&W unbreakable duo that will have you breaking into the fashion scene with confidence and on-season pastels. With this blue cropped jacket and blue pleated pants, make the most out of these trendy silhouettes and popping color!

Sicily Dress

 This baby doll dress look is everywhere, and for those looking for a feminine, flirty, and sweet addition to their looks, the Sicily Dress is here. 

 Loose and Free 

Looking for a way to break free from your tight-fitting clothing? This year's all about loose, free-flowing clothes! Perfect for street looks or just feeling all-around comfy. 

Avery Pants
The Avery Pants delivers on light and fashionable on the streets all the while wearing pants. 
Ruffle Sleeve Dolman
The Ruffle Sleeve Dolman is a blouse to wear out feeling stylish and limitless wherever you go because of how lightweight and breathable this top is with ruffle details that make you stand out.

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