Self Care Must-Haves

It's been a stressful time globally with the pandemic affecting families and work-home life more than ever before. Especially in America, where the American Dream fuels a work culture that often times feels non-stop, we've normalized working until you drop to achieve your dreams. But even the most top-of-the-game cars need maintenance, self care is the way for you to recuperate before moving onto the next stop on your journey. 

Often, self care falls through the cracks. Self love is taking the time to care for yourself. It  can look differently for everyone; the point is relaxing and giving yourself a much-needed break. Sometimes this can look like a good reading session, or it can be as simple as cuddling up in your coziest clothes. The possibilities are endless!

That being said, here are some ways Madison's Niche can help you on your self-care journey. 

    An Afternoon Tealight 

    Some of the best evenings or weekends include all ambiance quiet candlelight can bring. Candles have been commonly used in all sorts of activities: from setting the mood, meditation, religion, and more. Depending on the scent, like how citrus energizes or jasmine and musk set a calmer, "light-a-candle-while-in-the-bathtub" mood, there's a variety to choose from. Our Himalayan Collection is a prime example of earthy and tranquil aromas and our Capri Blue Collection exudes clean, floral notes in your home.


    Leisure in Loungewear & Home Goods

    Another way to kick back and relax is through the comfiest and cutest of clothes, loungewear, coupled by your coziest blanket. Picture this: you're on the sofa, that cup of tea you definitely didn't forget about making is still warm in your hands, and your fave criminal drama is playing on the television. There's nothing better than burying yourself in comfort from the clothes you wear to the blankets around you. Check out our previous article For more Madison's Niche loungewear picks!

      Body Luxuries in Lotion 

      Life's luxuries are also necessities. Applying lotion daily and after showering, especially during frigid temperatures, goes a long with moisturizing and rehydrating your body. Skincare and taking care of your body's condition is important to do everyday; don't skimp out on it! Take your pick out of a myriad of scents from Michel Design Works that we have to offer. There's bound to be one that tickles your fancy. 


      Bookish Affirmations

      Writing is a classic way of expression. There's a power to writing your thoughts down and reading helpful affirmations can help organize and guide your thinking for the better! For those who like to full-on bullet journal and let your creativity let loose, your favorite blank notebook will do! If you need more guided writing exercises, check out our thoughtfully crafted journals with quotes and prompts to help you out for those who need a quick go-to book to express yourself. 

      From left to right: Beautiful Thoughts Gift Book , Dream. Explore. Discover Book, Carpe That F*cking Diem Book

        With your favorite candle burning in the background, scented lotion applied, comfy sweatpants on, and a handy journal there's one thing left to do: let yourself unwind! There's no shame in letting loose after a long day and personalizing the way you want to rock your self are game. Say it with me: self care isn't selfish. At the end of the day, doing the things we love and realizing that it's okay to indulge ourselves within our means takes us one step closer to being our very best selves. Self care should be daily, even if it's in the smallest of ways. From quiet candlelight or a sweet-smelling lotion, it's about the little things that make your day better. Take care of yourself because other people love you, and most importantly, you love you.


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