Our Favorite Street Trends for Fall 2022 That You NEED to Know

Word on the street is that the Starbucks PSL will return on August 30th so, you know what that means. FALL. IS. HERE.


With the excitement of the cooler fall months upon us, we are ready to cuddle up with a cozy blanket and a mug of hot chocolate, all while watching Gilmore Girls with the gals. However, we know that, on multiple occasions, we will have to grace the outside world with our presence. So, we have rounded up our top picks for fall street style, just for you! Continue reading to learn more.


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TREND #1: Business Casual, Casual

While this trend was around last fall, we are expecting it to be more widespread than before. For this trend think oversized blazers, baggy pants, and boxy coats. Basically, it's time to raid your boyfriend's closet. Just tell him you have our permission.


 Inspo photos from Pinterest


TREND #2: Magic Plush

This is the trend that we are quite possibly the most excited for. Oversized, plush coats are here to stay. What could be better than walking the streets of NYC with a wearable fuzzy blanket?! That's what we thought. Expect to see your favorite celebs rocking these coats on chilly nights out.


  Inspo Photos from Madison's Niche


TREND #3: Coastal Grandmother Meets the Cold

We are sure most readers have heard of the viral Costal Grandmother trend from TikTok. Or you have possibly heard of a coastal grandmother's best (or worst) extension, the coastal granddaughter. But, neither are a match for the cold. So, a new subsection of coastal chic has developed. We are not quite sure of her name yet. However, she looks a lot like Blair Waldorf or maybe Emily Gilmore.

Inspo photos from Pinterest


TREND #4: Winter Whites (… and tans)

Winter whites may not do this entire trend justice. It is no secret that neutrals overtake the fashion world during the colder months. We expect nothing different during this fall. We say, bring on all of the teddy coats and Free People Ruby Jackets! 


 Inspo photos from Pinterest


We wanna know: would you try any of these trends? Which one is your fav? would you mix and match these trends? Let us know in the comments below!


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We hope you have enjoyed our top trend picks for fall 2022, we know we did. For more fall street style inspo, check out this article from Vogue.


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