The Better Life with the Sweater Life

French-American fashion editor of Vogue and Harper's Baazar Magazine in the 1900s, Diana Vreeland called the sweater, “The 20th century's unique contribution to fashion,” standing as a testament to the sweaters' tipping point in the fashion scene, and as far as tipping points go, this one is far from its decline (NYTimes). Far from fashion extinction, the sweater is a transition season and cold season staple, easily enabling anyone a sense of grace, personality, and convenience.

But what specifically might you want in a sweater? Three S's can help you determine the ultimate sweater that speaks to you.  

You want a sweater that's surviving. Our sweaters are carefully curated to meet our quality standards.

You want a sweater that's stylish. Whether it's for layering or the highlight of your outfit, we live and breathe good taste.

You want a sweater that's special. For that cuddle up time at home or dinner with the family, we've got you covered with our variety. 

Madison's Niche is your new favorite sweater stop–full stop. 

Pretty in Pastel

Legally Blonde is your inspiration for everything pink, but if that's not your style, we have other soft pastels for you to indulge in! Cute and comfy is your culture, and we're here to celebrate your sweet side. Present yourself in pastel to the world or pamper yourself in pastel at home; the choice is yours with these sweaters at the ready!

Pastel Sweaters

From left to right: Louisa Weater in BlushFree People Street Fair TunicFree People Take Me Back Pullover

Up to Your Neck in Options

Turtlenecks and mock necks are misunderstood as stiff, uptight tops. Other times, the signature black turtleneck can be attributed to Steve Jobs. Consider: the turtleneck as a style sweater staple! They're sophistication without trying and can easily be dressed up or down for the occasion. Going to work or going out to brunch while staying toasty in frosty weather has never been easier. Without a doubt, the professional, casual, and "Sunday best" potential is the it factor to these sweaters. Go for a funky but tasteful design no one else's seen before in the Free People Snow Haven Pullover or ditch the typical black turtleneck and dress for style and the weather in a ribbed turtleneck in maroon or white–with these options in your fashion arsenal, you're prepared for anything winter's got to throw at you. 

turtleneck sweaters

Sweater Standout in the Crowd

That "someone in the crowd" with impeccably bold taste is you and you don't need Emma Stone's character from LaLa Land to tell you that. The energy we put out into the world is the one we hope people aspire to. Set the precedent with confidence from dynamic textures to color ways, there's a lot of opportunities showing off your personality in a sweater. Compliments to be expected. 

Free People sweaters

Cardigan and again, and again...

It isn't Taylor Swift's Folklore cardigan, but Madison's Niche can guarantee you that you won't treat these cardigans like it was an old cardigan. Instead of laying under someone's bed, you'll never forget these outwear options, and neither will anyone else. Go for a cropped sensation, a multi-colored standout, or an everydayessential. There's so many ways to style a cardigan, and picking out a few that represent you in all kinds of settings, from trendy to cozy to flirty, there's a cardigan sweater out there for you! It's cardigan and again and again but better with each reincarnation.

Free People cardigan and Leandra blue knit cardigan
After all giving you our best recommendations Madison's Niche has to offer for those specific, don't be afraid to look further in our sweaters section for even more variety to suit your style. With sweaters being a key point in the 20th century, there's no questioning its omnipresence in this century and predictably, in the next! Keeping in mind quality, fashion, and versatility, you're bound to find your forever sweater weather match. 

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