The Ultimate Gift-Guide for Valentine's Day

Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day with your significant other or throwing as the sitcom, Parks and Recreation, coins the term "Gal-entine's Day", with your closest friends, when words fail, a gift is there to express your love. This is for those whose love language is gift-giving or if you're simply looking to show their loved one a little extra love packaged in something considerate and beautiful.

A Love Seeing La Vie en Rose

On a day where love songs get their full appreciation, embrace seeing life in pink a la "La Vie en Rose" style. You're tickled pink when you're around your person, and somehow, after all this time, the butterflies never go away when you're with them. Pink clothes to cozy up in or heart accessories to show off, give your loved one something to wear out or in the house. 

Enamel Heart Necklace


A Movie Kiss to Remember

There are many memorable scenes in romance movies. The characters struggle before finding themselves in each other's arms, sealing a life together with a movie kiss that is cinematic and compelling. A kiss in the rain like The Notebook and Breakfast at Tiffany's. A kiss born from drama and hardship like in Titantic or Pride and Prejudice. In real life, we can capture moments like these in our own way. Whether from your professionally-shot engagement/wedding photos or straight from your phone's camera roll, every moment with your significant other is worth cherishing, and the way to do it? A picture frame to hang proudly in your home or to gift with your favorite photo with your favorite person.

small picture frame
large picture frame

Loving Words to Build a Dream on

For those with partners whose language is words of affirmation, tell your significant other how much they mean to you. Tell them through the gift of a pictures and words, affirming everything you adore about them in a sweet way. 

Significant Otter Gift Book image

Significant Otter Gift Book

She is gift book

She is Gift Book

All About the Little Things

Little things make a big difference. Give your partner the gift of convenience and cuteness where they little things in a catch-all dish home good or the simplicity of matching their mask and hair tie. Or perhaps they need a little reminder of how much they are loved with a soapstone heart to display in their home or bedroom. Don't discount the power of thoughtful, little things!

Metal Arrow Heart Dish

Metal Heart Arrow Dish


Free People Mask & Bow set

Free People Mask & Bow Set

Soapstone Heart

Soapstone Heart 

Now that you've gotten the perfect gift for your partner or good friend, whip out a comical wine b*tch wine glass and pour out some wine over a home cooked meal for the evening.  From everyone at Madison's Niche, we're wishing you a very happy Valentine's Day!

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