Trend Analysis: Regencycore

Lady Whistledown's influence extends beyond 19th century! With Netflix's Bridgerton series racking in millions of views, ever since its first season release in 2020, modern style has seen a revival that speaks to the escapist, the Jane Austen novel fiend, or historical fanatic. Bridgerton is a version of the 19th century that is far more inclusive and uniquely styled to match the fancy, aristocrat notions of frivolous power. It is no wonder that period dramas' general renaissance (Pride and Prejudice, Emma, The Great, The Gilded Age) together with the Shonda Rhimes'-produced Regency-era show, provided a beautifully whimsical and escapist style that captured the hearts of many. More specifically, it is regal style with an air of opulence around it–much like the Queen.

To put a name to that style: Regencycore. 

Think elegance. Think classy but trendy. 

Puff sleeves, corsets, tweed, poplin, pearls, and so on...

CottageCore x RegencyCore: Puff Sleeve

With notes of romantic nostalgia and a yearning for another expression of femininity, Regencycore is an elevated, aristocratic variation of Cottagecore fashion (not to be confused with being similar in lifestyle or ideology. Cottagecore is rooted in a  simpler, sustainable, countryside lifestyle.) Whether in full bloom a la Cottagecore or as the diamond of the season a la Regencycore, the hyper-feminine silhouettes and sleeves are where these two styles converge and translate effortlessly in modern-day style.

Reach for puff sleeves, a unified factor when looking for the best of both worlds.

Goldie Playsuit

Goldie Bodysuit

Corset Comeback

The corset has been an ongoing on-and-off again trend for years. With historical periods of corset resurgence and rebellion due to society, culture, and beauty standardsBridgerton has succeeded in its media influence and aesthetic to convert a new generation towards the corset. Figure-flattering and feminine, the corset is worthy of becoming your new springtime or summer staples to style your own way with a flair of Regencycore in mind! 

Bliss Top; White corset with tie up sleeves, a sweetheart neckline, and a keyhole detail

The Bliss Top

Hastings Leather Corset

Hastings Leather Corset

Dainty Details

The last thing you want to do at a ball is to show up unprepared–or on any occasion for that matter! The perfect set of pearls to accessorize and feel elegant are the way to go. Capture everyone's heart with this classy and feminine pick topping off your look with era-essential embellishments.

Tiny white pearl hoop earring
Tiny Pearl Choker

Frills and Thrills

Embrace the frilly details that bring you joy with ribbon ties and ruffles! Dress yourself up feeling femme and stylish with embellishments-on-embellishments to match your elevated tastes, much like Queen Charlotte. 


Lario Pink Sleeveless Top; Pink and white tank top with brown tie up sleeves

Lario Pink Sleeveless Top

Ruffle sleeve detail blouse with a high neck

The Bridget Top

 Ultra-Feminine Fiend for Tweed

For a take on Regencycore casualwear, adorn tweed to capture a regal yet vintage feminine appeal. Paired with any pearl dainty details, you'll feel in touch with traditional regal style but up-to-date. 

White tweed jacket

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