BEARINGTON COLLECTION Baby Polly Puppy Belly Blanket

Wiggles Pink Puppy Belly Blanket

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Wiggles Pink Puppy Belly Blanket

Offering cozy comfort and endless joy, the Wiggles Pink Puppy Belly Blanket is the perfect playtime companion for your little one. With softness in mind, this belly blanket provides a plush and gentle surface for your child to lie on during tummy time! The irresistibly soft fabric ensures that your baby will feel comfortable and at ease as they explore their surroundings. Its combination of comfort, playfulness, and adorable design makes it a thoughtful and practical choice that both parents and babies will appreciate! Create countless memorable moments of joy and discovery as your baby experiences the cozy comfort of this delightful playmat.

    - Dimensions: 23" W x 30" L
    - Care: Machine washable

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