Apricot Rose 13oz Diffuser - Madison's Niche
Apricot Rose 13oz Diffuser - Madison's Niche
Apricot Rose 13oz Diffuser - Madison's Niche

Apricot Rose 13 oz Diffuser

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Apricot Rose 13 oz Diffuser

The Apricot Rose 13oz Diffuser is a gorgeous and practical way to fill your space with invigorating fragrance. The dramatic square glass vessel is a sight to behold - showcasing real spices, fruit, and botanicals that have been delicately placed by hand to create a stunning display.

- Almond Blossom | Apricot | Blond Woods | Mirabelle Plum | Pomelo Leaf | Rose | Violet

- Optimal Experience
- Place the diffuser glass on a non-porous or non-damageable surface.
- When flipping the reeds, ensure that no oil leaks or drips.
- If the diffuser oil spills, the spill must be cleaned immediately.
- Oils and resins can cause damage to finishes and fabrics.
- Do not consume the diffuser oil and do not let it splash onto your eyes.
- The solution is not meant for use on skin. Keep away from children and pets.
- The reed diffuser oil is not developed for use in water-based aromatherapy diffusers of humidifiers and can damage your devices.
- At the End of the Reed Diffuser Life
Refill your vessel with more fragrance using LAFCO diffuser refills
- The vessels can also be repurposed in many ways including as a vase or a tapered candle holder.

- Volume: 13fl oz
- Lifespan: 6-12 months
- Essentials: Grapefruit, Orange, Rose
- Botanicals: Sakura multi stem, Marguerite daisy, Forget-Me-Not, Rose petal
- Includes 10 diffuser reed sticks

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